African Vessel 2 - Tupelo  4"x10"

Modern Chagama Box - Shedua 3" x9"

Stonehenge vessel (available) Maple 3"x8"

Sumerian scribe Box (available) Basswood, tumbled marble, 3"x10"

Japanese Chagama (available) Maple, beaten iron, African Blackwood 8"x10"

African vessel, Basswood, 10"x4"

As a former anthropology student I have always been fascinated by the art and artifacts of ancient cultures. Their everyday and ceremonial objects reveal a great deal about how they thought and how they related to each other and the outside world. 

My series of ancient culture forms is almost complete with one 2,300 year old Chinese CONG  in process. I use these forms as inspirations not models. I am seeking to capture the essence not the image.

Ancient Cultures Series

Korean Box Mulberry, rust patina , antique bamboo 6"x3"

Moroccan Tureen (available) Thuya burl, spalted beech,pear, 6"x7"

Volcano Vessel (available) Maple, Gold leaf 3"x9"

Saharan Water Jug (available) Maple, Pawlonia, Pear, beaten iron 9"x8"